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From losing weight to toning

Hi! I have working on losing about 20lbs since jan 2021, i without 1 hr a day 5x a week. I average 20000 steps a day.Cardio/strength mix. I have been eating at a calorie deficit for months now, slowly increasing as i know i am taking in too little, but when i increase to what it says i should intake to lose i don't lose. I start the same. I am 5ft 125lbs . I intake about 1300-1400 / day. 1700 / day on weekends.I would like to maintain 120-125. I am ready to turn my attention to toning instead of weight loss, but i m scared to increase the calories, as i don't want to see the scale go up. How should i go about this? Thank you for your help. Becca

No question … just a thank you

Hello, I can not seem to find the adequate words to express my gratitude for the community you have built and hard work in making the maintainers PDF. I am simply BLOWN away with the information in this document. I have learned so much since joining HSM 1/2021. I call myself a HSM lifer now. I use my HSM tools not only in my eating and weight management but also in my everyday life. I am simply a better human being because of HSM. Thank you.

Tired from the process

Hi Heather. I joined your community in Nov 2020 and it helped me lose about 50pounds. I have been trying to maintain since October 2021 but instead have gained back about 15pounds. I initially kept trying to lose the weight (thinking I was the expectation), but this just led to more weight gain. I’ve since just worked to try and maintain, but not so secretly, still hope to lose 5-10pounds. But I’m mentally exhausted. You talk about maintenance being a part time job, but quite frankly this is a part time job I battle not to quit. I track and keep active. But grazing has come into play and is the thing that’s sabotaging my efforts to lose/ maintain. I “burned my boats” and never want to go back, but also don’t feel I can maintain what I know is required to maintain my weight. I need something to help me recommit to myself. Thank you for your guidance.

Exception to the rule

You often talk about knowing how to lose weight, but stumbling on maintaining. I feel like I'm the exception--I have obsessed about losing weight for years, but I have been the woman who has gained the 2 lbs/year from perimenopause on for 25 years or so, creating my 50 lb weight gain that I need to lose, now in my late 60s. I really don't have any successful history with losing weight. I was stable for my adult life until I started that gain. Despite being concerned in my mind with weight gain, any actual attempts to lose weight would be over in less than a day, given my internal rebellious reaction to restriction. How do I get started?

The last 20 pounds

Hi Heather, People always talk about "the last 10 pounds", but I've been stalled with 20 pounds left to lose for about a year now. I religiously count calories using MyFitnessPal and find it difficult to stay at 1500, which mathematically is the only way for me to lose a quarter to a half pound per week. I find myself going over by about 250-300 calories 3 to 4 days a week, which basically keeps my weight at a standstill (and that's with 10,000 steps every day). I'm not looking for fast weight loss, but it's frustrating to be on a hamster wheel with no progress for so long. The calories add up so fast - one extra snack and I make no progress. You're always so helpful, so I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for this dilemma. Thanks so much! Sharon