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Body dismorphia

I’m not maintenance now for about a month. Been fat pretty much all my life except high school and college when I took diet pills. I’m now 76 and thanks in great part to your podcasts I think I’ve finally figured out what maintenance looks like. What I haven’t yet figured out is what I look like. When will my brain catch up. Will I always be a fatty in my head? I see myself in mirrors and windows and I don’t know who I am. Am I only my (over)weight?

Update on Kirsten in episode 499?

I'm addicted to your podcosts and listen to them daily. I would love for you to occasionally do update episodes with past coaching call people. I think your advice is always amazing, and I always wonder how it worked out for the people. I'm especially interested in Kirsten in episode 499. We sound almost identical. I'm 57", 5'2" and averaging 138 lbs trying to lose about another 5 lbs with no success, after having lost 45 lbs over the past 1.5 years. I lost on 1300 calories, maintain on 1600 calories and cannot seem to eat at 1200 calories and not be hungry despite my protein intake. I'm wondering if Kirsten successfully lost the few pounds she was working on. 3-5 lbs doesn't seem like it would make a difference, but to us short gals, it really does. Every 10 lbs puts us in a different clothing size. I'm currently a size 6/8. 8's are a bit too loose, 6's are a bit too tight. Losing another 5 lbs would put me firmly at a size 6. Ordering items online always requires me to buy both sizes since I don't know which will fit better. 5 lbs would make a big difference. I'm currently eating at maintenance, planning to wait until the colder weather is over (because I'm hungrier in the winter) and then attempt 1200 calories again since 1300 doesn't seem to do the job anymore at my current weight. Would love to connect with Kirsten or get an update from you. Thank you for your amazing podcasts! Martha

Time is running out!!!

Hi Heather I'm feeling frustrated because I'm maintaining at a weight that won't allow me to fit into my clothes and because this process is so slow even if I'm around for 10 more years the clothes will be out of style. I'm having a hard time accepting this weight. My life style has changed so much. I'm also taking care of my 100 year old brother who plans on lasting to 110. Otherwise I'm usually a happy person. Any suggestions? I'm 80.

PTSD, Hashimoto’s and Set Point

Hi Heather! I am new to your podcast and want to let you know that you have given me hope again! In 2018, I was diagnosed with PTSD from childhood trauma. In 2016, I had run a full marathon, was two years postpartum of my second child, no longer teaching full time, and 155 lbs. I had put on some 15 pounds with a stressful, cross country move, doctor’s orders to not run (SI joint was out) and the sudden passing of my father-in-law to pancreatic cancer. I was stressed and in the trenches of early motherhood, but when I found myself no longer functioning physically (ovaries weren’t producing eggs despite no history of early menopause) I was finally relieved to know something was “off”. Thankfully my OBGYN sent me to see the endocrinologist to check my thyroid levels and establish care in my new state. I have had hypothyroidism for 20 years now. The endocrinologist knew within 5 minutes what was causing my pre-menopausal symptoms. He asked me some questions about the stress, my childhood, and told me that PTSD was the culprit. When I started gaining weight though still working out even highering trainers before the diagnosis, I knew the childhood trauma was catching up to me. Something I knew I needed to seek out counseling for but hadn’t yet. I was in peak cardio shape. I have a low resting heart rate and enjoy the stress relief of a good sweat fest! Unfortunately, despite me going to counseling, I kept gaining weight-ten pounds in a couple months. The 5 Stages of Grief were horrific on me. In July 2019, I decided return to running again with the guidance of my physical therapist, and sign up for a half-marathon. I was now 180 lbs. Then Murphy hit! I fell running in Glacier National Park and had two major surgeries to my left hand in August and December 2019 to repair a broken hand, 2 blown tendons and ”fix” a genetically too-long of ulna. Obviously this was only months before the Covid pandemic would roar its ugly head. I had another checkin with my endocrinologist in April 2020 and I was devastated when he told me about “set point” and the idea that my body may be at a 50 lbs gain. In November 2020, we’ve moved back to our original state and I’ve been following a workout routine since January that seems to be helping me mentally and physically despite my arm debacle. I’ve signed up for a 8K in March with a lady who recommended your podcast for weightloss. I now have hope that I can loose the weight, regain a healthy body image, and be the mom my children should have as a healthy role model! So here are my questions… 1. Does set point matter? 2. How will my PTSD symptoms affect my weight-loss goals now? I’m just getting to the difficult trauma counseling. 3. What can I do to help me see this through and do the actual work of counting calories and saying no to my Lower Brain? FYI In 2003 while in college after my thyroid issues and the “Freshman 15” was my 30 lbs weight gain, I was successful at losing all the weight and maintained it for 12 years even after two pregnancies. I’m 5’6” and weighed 130-140 lbs. I tried to restart with WW last year (since at the end of March, I’ll be turning 40) with high hopes and I couldn’t get into it with their new ways and 0 point items. I like that you stress getting control of your thinking about food and not having “bad” food. I really don’t even like to eat, food doesn’t really give me pleasure though I do find comfort in sweets, ice cream, cake, etc if I crave anything. These are the food items that we rarely got as children growing up poor and only binging when they did make an appearance. 4. What are some good sources of protein for someone who is Lactose intolerant, doesn’t like red meat, and just doesn’t like to eat despite the scale? Currently I weigh 206 lbs. I need to figure out my calories deficit number still. I believe 140-150 lbs would be a good range for me as an athlete/runner. Thank you! Thank you for all that you do and for the inspiration!!! I now know I can do this!!!

I eat to please other people

Hi Heather, I love your podcast, and I'm so happy to have found this community. I've been losing and gaining the same 10 to 15 pounds since I was in my late 20's. Soon, I will be 60 and I am struggling again with a recent weight gain of 12 pounds. The thing is, I eat to please other people. A lot of people I know are overweight, and they want us all to be overweight together. It sounds so silly, but it's true. I feel almost embarrassed when I lose weight, and yet I keep doing it because I don't like how my clothes feel when I'm on the heavier side. My tops ride up and my pants dig in, and my feet and knees hurt when I walk. I don't talk about my weight, but I find when I am slim everyone else does. Ultimately, I end up eating along with them, because it makes them happy. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to react when they talk about my weight, because I feel so self-conscious. I just want to be the weight I want to be without being a spectacle and topic of conversation. Have you any advice for me? Thanks.