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Binge eating/ banking calories

Hi Heather, I love your podcast, community, and pretty much anything you put out. I struggle with binge eating, and I have a huge resistance to varying my daily calories based on what’s going on in a given week. As soon as I consider “banking” calories for the weekend or an event, my lower brain screams restriction and that’s w huge binge trigger for me. I pretty much feel like I need to go to exact maintenance calories each day, but when I go over a little, that’s also a binge trigger. Am I too messed up? Any thoughts you have are appreciated. Please help :(.

Thank you Heather!

I asked a question a little while ago about managing desserts without binging. I took your advice and have a treat every day. I go outside of the house and buy a single serving and binging has reduced drastically! These foods no longer have that special appeal now that I have them on a regular basis. I prioritize protein, take a fiber supplement and a multivitamin daily. I know my diet is not the healthiest but I will work on adding more vegetables as time goes on. Thank you for all that you do! Debra.

Help with Boundaries

Hi Heather! On the community webinar, you answered some questions for me and you mentioned a couple of times about boundaries and boundary setting. Your comments really stuck with me and as I’ve been working on my habits all year, I’ve noticed that I really want to work more specifically on boundaries in 2024. What are your best tips, recommendations, books, etc. on the subject? I really feel it’s important for me to address. Thank you for all you do!

Menstrual Cycle and Binging

Hi Heather, I’ve only been listening to you for a few days and you have already changed my life through your podcast. I became a premium subscriber the day after discovering you. I have been incorporating some things I’ve heard you coach others to do (writing what I eat, eating at the restaurant, and allowing myself a daily treat). I learned I binge and that is why I’ve gained 100 pounds over the past 9 yrs. My question is, how do I handle that urge to binge or cave into my cravings during PMS and during my cycle? Do I just talk my lower brain out of it or do you recommend that during that time to allow myself to have an extra treat within reason, so that I don’t overdo it? Even though my end goal is to lose weight and maintain, right now, I am focused on gaining control over my binging. Thank you