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Hi Heather! I am of course super happy for Sarah from the coaching series and totally understand why you had to shift gears. Selfishly, I was a bit bummed as I had hoped to hear more about how a long-term coaching situation regarding weight loss in combination with lower cholesterol might play out. I know you've talked about the basics about lowering cholesterol before (i.e., lower saturated fat, increase fiber, add movement). Could you please expand a bit how you would build on these and/or increase this over many months? For example, how much time do you give it before considering medication and/or supplements? Do you step-by-step keep increasing/decreasing goals for sat. fat/fiber/movement? What are your suggestions for the mind games of "I need to improve this fast" vs "slow and steady habit changes"? I'm sure there are more long-term questions that pop up. These are just a few examples. Thanks for all that you do! Sabrina

Sample of Paper Pencil Journal

Hi Heather, I’ve been listening to your free podcasts and your YouTube videos, and I’m very interested in your method of journaling. I’ve been consistently and very successfully journaling all of my foods for 1 1/2 years now. I’d like to try your paper/pencil journal method to help with my habit of eating too much chocolate daily and to help eliminate the habit of grabbing small bites-licks-tastes throughout the day.

Sample of Paper Pencil Journal

Do you have a few samples of what the paper pencil journal looks like? I'm listening to your podcasts that describe what I should be doing, but I'd like a visual of what a journal page might look like.

Restaurant overeating - help!

Heather! You show is the best and so life changing! I’m struggling with restaurant eating. During the week on non restaurant eating days I have no problem following the protocol - I plan my meals, pre-log, stick to my calories, plan in treats I love, exercise, etc. but when I get to a restaurant all bets are off. I’ll go in with intention to not eat too much and always end up rolling out of there. I can feel a click too in the last few bites where I’m like “okay I know I’m full this should be my last” and then I seem to get this intense urge to just keep going. I love trying new foods and I know I need to make eating out a part of my life to make this plan sustainable, but I know my restaurant overeating impacts me reaching my goals.

Karolina Update

Hi Heather, Your coaching series with Karolina is truly changing my life. I’ve gained so many insights to help me stop binge eating. Her vulnerability has benefited so many, and I hope she knows what a difference she has made. I was wondering if you could do another q and a with her, or at least give an update on how she is doing? Lots of love!!!!!!