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Elevated ldl cholesterol?

I exercise and eat a healthy diet but had an elevated ldl cholesterol result at my physical. I have 15 more pounds to lose to enter a healthy BMI range. Id love your take on how to lower it. I am reading a lot about fiber and it’s importance that it can also help lower cholesterol.

A Day in the Life

Hi Heather, thank you so much for all the work you put into your podcasts, videos, newsletters, and more! All the resources you provide have allowed me to find some sanity with food - a huge win! Thank you! My question is - what is your daily routine like? What kinds of habits related to weight loss or those lower brain messages do you still struggle with? Which ones are so cemented you're not even thinking about them anymore? If I'm a fly on the wall, what am I seeing you do that will help me get my own habits more routine? Thanks! Sarah

Food scarcity and in-laws

Hi Heather, I have been listening to your podcast since December 2022, and I have learned SO much! I finally feel equipped to tackle weight loss with sanity, taking small steps and focusing on habit change so that I can achieve my goals without angst or bingeing! I am so proud of all of my habit change thus far, and in general it feels easy and sustainable, because my weight loss plan is perfect for me and me alone. One of my big lower brain issues revolves around food scarcity, and the paper-pencil journal has been an absolute game-changer in helping my lower brain calm down and stay quiet all day long, because I have already looked in my pantry and fridge and I have a clear plan about how I will feed and nourish my body every day. However, this food scarcity issue has been triggered hard core in the past when I visit my in-laws. We live far away, so my family stays with them for a week or more at least once a year, and we usually time our visit to coincide with a family reunion, which involves a LOT of different opinions, preferences, and spontaneous outings. I have very little control of my family's schedule during our visits, which makes my lower brain freak out since I truly don't know when our next meal will be or what it will be. Packing lots of our own snacks from home helps me calm my lower brain down, but I would love to hear if you have any more tips for how to write my paper-pencil journal each morning in this situation as well as how to generally keep my lower brain relaxed so that I do not fall into bingeing as a result of *feeling* restricted while on our visit. I logically know that I will always have enough food, but my lower brain does not know this, and when we do eat meals or even when we get home from our visit, I end up way overdoing it to help soothe the panic and fear that arises from this childhood food scarcity issue. Thank you for your advice!!

Conquering the weekends

Hi Heather, thank you for everything you do! My question is about conquering the weekends when you're trying to lose weight. I find that I do extremely well during the week, but tend to trip on the weekends, eating excessively, eating out of plan and adding in a glass or two of wine. Come Monday, the scale has moved up. It feels like taking one step further and two steps back. Although I still manage to stick to my workouts over the weekend, I still notice a sizeable gain. Any tips that can help me be more disciplined over the weekends and continue on the downward trajectory? Alternatively, any episode you can point me to for more help? Thanks again!

Ice cream binge

Hi Heather My question is about ice cream! After listening to all of your podcasts it got me thinking about myself with ice cream…. I can’t seem to have a tub in the freezer without always thinking about it until I have some, I tried delaying the time to eat some but seems to not help. Then when I do eat some I just want more and could end up eating a huge portion even to the point of not feeling well but the next day I would still eat more. What should I do about this? Should I not buy it at all? Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for all you do!