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Strength Training schedule

When looking at your personal journal in the HSM forms I always notice that you have a number/lower case letter combo (4a), (3b), next to each of the strength and/or stretch/mobility exercises. Is that a code to organize them into body parts so that you are targeting all parts of your body and can rotate they type of exercise? I use the strong app to track my strength training and have several workouts created. However, I am an organized person and kind of like the idea of grouping like exercises (such as types of squats) (types of rows) (types of mobility exercises) - and have a way to track them. Also do you stick to a specific plan for a specific period of time?

Lose without tracking?

Hello Heather.. You have talked about the $2 plan- notebook and pen— the one where I would draw a line in the middle of paper and then write my food plan on the left and check off the food I eat on the write. Also I would write what I eat and didn’t plan on the right. Is this plan for lose weight or for trying to control binge eating? Please explain further if or how to use this writing plan for losing weight. Thank you. Kathy

Maintenance Approaching

Hi Heather! I have lost 77lbs listening to you and working with a nutritionist. I am almost at my goal weight range and starting to think about maintenance. I have taken a few maintenance breaks during vacations but any books or videos to watch on how to transition from weight loss to maintaining would be great! Thank you for all you do! Megan

Improving cholesterol numbers

Hi Heather. Can you give me some tips on getting started reducing my saturated fat and any other things you did that you feel helped you improve your cholesterol numbers? Did you also increase omega 3’s or take fish oil supplements? I’m in a real routine with all my usual foods and it’s a little daunting trying to change things up from my favorites. I also don’t want to live in fear and feel anxious about food. I am working on losing about 40 lbs. and I hope that will help as well. Thanks so much for your help. Sue

strength training

Hi, I can no longer use weights or strain my right arm/shoulders due to a pinched nerve which has weakened my right upper side, can/should I just use weights & similar on my left side only? will that still benefit me? Thank you so much for all you do, that is always a great benefit. Eva L